Data Categories.
The site collects data that is divided into such sections: the customer’s or company name, telephone number, state or website (if it presents), e-mail addresses, cookies.

Methods of data processing
The site administration is responsible for all the personal data of the customer and monitors their inviolability.
Methods include computer operations for web processing or using of other IT technologies at discretion.

Data Processing Rights
The Site Owner has the right to processing in some cases:
– the Customer gave his consent;
– the required provision of data is based on the User Agreement;
– Law obliges the Owner;
– if processing is related to the public interest;
– the need to process according to the legitimate interests of the Owner

Term of Storage
Data collected under the agreement between the Site Owner and the Customer will be retained until the expiry of the term of this agreement;
Data collected according to the legitimate interest of the Owner will be preserved until he is needed.